Financial Accounts

As a Community Interest Company, Bromley Healthcare must file annual accounts and returns at Companies House.

Here we present Bromley Healthcare’s Financial Account for the financial year 2020-21:

Bromley Healthcare Accounts 2020-21

Excerpt from the directors’ Strategic Report for the year ended 31 March 2021:

“Bromley Healthcare is an employee-owned social enterprise that commenced trading on the 1st April 2011. All profits of the company are reinvested into our services for the benefit of the community. Since inception, Bromley Healthcare has donated funds to the Bromley Healthcare Charity to enable people to learn new skills, build their confidence and feel more positive. The Bromley Healthcare charity has supported six groups.

The company’s primary activities during the year continued to be the provision of community health services in Bromley and beyond with contracts in Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich and Lewisham. Bromley Healthcare provides over 35 services covering Adult, Neighbourhood services (supporting Primary Care Network populations) and unscheduled care services as well as more specialist services including Talk Together Bromley and diabetes. Bromley Healthcare acquired the business assets of a small domiciliary care company on the 9th August 2021 and expect to enter the domiciliary care market from summer 2021. Domiciliary care is a complementary service to our existing adult services portfolio and supports our strategic vision of ‘enabling the best care possible in the home and closer to home’.

Bromley Healthcare continues to operate in a challenging financial health and social care system. During the pandemic the financial penalties attributable to our Key Performance Indicators and Outcomes were suspended in accordance with planning guidance. However, internally a focus has still been maintained on Key Performance Indicators (including appraisals reported at 89% and mandatory training reported at 89% above 85% target. As a result of the pandemic community services were reprioritised during the first wave, in line with national guidance, resulting in some services reporting increased waiting times. The latest waiting times are published on our web-site and are closely monitored.

Despite the financial challenges, a pre-tax profit of £348k was achieved which is broadly in line with our original business plan. There is not anticipated to be any adverse financial impact arising from the Covid 19 pandemic. All productivity initiatives were delivered in line with trajectory. Our patient centric Care Coordination Centre has continued to play a significant supporting role in ensuring continuity and consistency of patient care. The centre is the first point of contact for our 35 services; a single 24/7 number and team looking after 12,000 patients and answering 26,000 calls a month. The Single Point of Access for discharge, established at the start of the pandemic with partner agencies has become an integral component supporting patient discharge over the last year. There has been continued evolution focusing on adherence to best practice pathways and quality assurance facilitated by the use of our ‘near live’ safety dashboards to proactively promote safety and improve outcomes for families and patients.”