Established in 2011, as a provider of community health services. Being born from NHS Bromley’s community provider unit, we have been providing community services to the people of Bromley for many years and we have a wealth of experience.

Doing things differently

We provide a wide range of services in Bromley, Bexley, Greenwich and Lewisham. Our district nurses, health visitors, specialist nurses, and therapists for children, young people and adults, are all supported by dedicated administrative teams.

Our vision is to empower people to live their fullest lives at the heart of their communities; offering our patients the best care possible, sharing our clinical knowledge and resources wisely for a sustainable financial future and we aspire to be a UK leader in our standards of patient care.

We are developing ourselves to be a true ‘learning organisation’ and we set ourselves ‘gold standard’ benchmarks when developing individual clinicians and teams. There are a range of initiatives in progress to achieve this aim.

As a social enterprise, not only do we have the advantages of the NHS (such as committed staff, excellent training and development opportunities) but also the freedom for innovation by being able to reinvest any surplus that we make into the community.

Our ethos and unique approach has contributed to our success. We believe in putting clinicians in the driving seat and empowering front-line staff to make decisions about how services should be run. This has made us patient-focussed and efficient, taking the best that the NHS has to offer, removing some bureaucracy and focussing on quality healthcare.

We work alongside GPs, hand in hand with patients and in partnership with local organisations and the voluntary sector.

All staff are invited to become shareholders and from these shareholders staff governors are elected, which puts them in a strong position positively to influence how we deliver our services to ensure we provide excellent care and the best possible outcomes.

Social enterprise

As a staff owned social enterprise, we are led by the needs of our patients and staff, not profit.

Doing things differently

Listening to you and our staff

We strive to improve what we do and how we do it by inviting feedback from patients and staff.

Doing things differently


You have a right to know everything about the care you receive and that your taxes pay for.

Doing things differently
How we’re doing

Great organisations are built on common purpose, strong culture, effective leadership, detailed information, the input of patients and the passion and goodwill of the staff. We work to improve each of these every day in the knowledge that this will make our services better and our organisation enduring.

We have set targets, made plans, and invested in them, resulting in improved safety for those we serve through supporting staff, engaging patients and users, and utilising valuable data.

This has placed a lot of emphasis on doing things in new and different ways the result of which has been a great deal of change.

Managing and dealing with change can be difficult, even when everyone understands the need for it. However we are either lucky or blessed – or both – that our staff have stepped up to the plate and delivered significant changes with a good spirit. Most understand that it has been done to improve the outcomes for the people that we are commissioned to help, advise and assist.

Against the backdrop of a political climate where some promises and initiatives are offered to the nation without clarity about how they can be achieved, this has not been easy to do.

Health Visiting Key Performance Indicators

KPI information for Bromley and Bexley Health Visiting services

How we’re doing

Reduction of Pressure Ulcers

Hospital-acquired pressure ulcers on Foxbury Ward September 2020-August 2021

How we’re doing
Going above and beyond

Advancing the health and well being of the population living within the borough of Bromley and beyond, enables more people staying well and more people to manage their health conditions better.