We have set up different ways to learn from you what you think.  So when you’ve had reason to use one of our services we may have asked you for feedback – this may have been done in paper or electronically.

The questions we ask are:

Would you recommend us (Bromley Healthcare) to family and friends?

What did we do well?

What could we do better?

Feedback on our services is shown on our separate service pages which are listed in Explore our services.We include reports to tell you how we are going to respond to the comments you’ve raised.

You said thank you

Our sevices regularly receive well deserved praise from patients, their families and carers and other agencies we work with.

During April 2016, 40 compliments were recorded, covering 23 of our services / teams.

The compliments thanked staff for the kindness and care they had shown to them and their family/loved ones whilst under our care. They said how grateful they were for the support they’d received.

Care Opinion

We also invite the people we see to post their comments on Care Opinion.

Care Opinion is an independent site where people can add reviews of their experiences of UK health services, good or bad. These reviews are passed on to the organisation which offers them the opportunity to respond and make a difference.