Medicines Management

Ensuring medicines are safely and effectively prescribed and managed

The Medicines Management team is responsible for the governance of all aspects of prescribing and medicines management within services provided by Bromley Healthcare. This ensures that medicines are safely and effectively prescribed and managed. We work with professionals and services across Bromley Healthcare that prescribe, store and administer medicine.

Medicine Management is an important aspect in healthcare, ensuring high quality of care is being safely delivered across our services with regards to any aspect of medicine. Working with our services, the Medicine Management team provide supervision, expertise and training for all our staff. We also work closely with the Care Quality Commission to ensure we are providing the best possible service for our staff and ultimately our patients.

We are responsible for the ordering, issuing and distribution of prescription pads for all prescribers within Bromley Healthcare with exception to the dental service. As a service we take prescription security and patient confidentiality very seriously. We ensure that we act in accordance with NHS Protect with regards to prescription security, and store patient identifiable data securely.

If you are a member of the public and are concerned about aspects of Medicine Management, you can find advice and information from your local community pharmacy who can signpost you to services that can deal with your query. Alternatively, you may want to arrange a consultation with your GP if your query is more specific and related to medicine you are taking.