London Care Record

Sharing your care record to get you faster, safer, more effective support and treatment

Health and care organisations across south east London have worked together to improve your care by connecting two successful electronic care record systems.

Previously two separate systems offered a secure way of sharing information electronically between local staff involved in your care. This meant that not everyone used the same system and information could only be shared in pockets of south east London. For example, those living in Lewisham but receiving treatment from Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust – your records would not be immediately available to the staff looking after you or making the referral.

Now, the two systems have been linked together – connecting up some 15,000 care professionals across six boroughs to benefit approximately 2 million people. Only relevant information about you is securely and instantly shared between the staff who need it.

Dr Richard Johnston, The Jenner Practice: “I’m a GP in a busy Lewisham practice and our patients receive care from a range of different professionals and organisations locally. Having the capability to share and view information across south east London is a vital step forward in helping us to make faster decisions based on up-to-date information and offer more joined up care. This kind of digital development will help reduce the time we spend on administrative tasks so we can focus on giving people the right care – wherever they are accessing services.”

You can still express your views around how your information is shared and with who, by speaking to the person caring for you or your GP.

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