Am I able to refer myself to services

Some of Bromley Healthcare’s services are available to everyone without a referral from their GP. Referral criteria for each service is listed on its service

Are your services free

Yes. Bromley Healthcare provides NHS services which are free at the point of use to patients, on behalf of the local commissioners that have awarded us the

How do I complain about my GP

If you disagree with the way your GP wants to treat you, or you’re unhappy about the service provided by your GP surgery, tell them openly.

How do I find a GP practice near me

Finding a GP practice You have the right to choose a GP practice, although for most people this choice is currently limited to a practice near

How do I find out more about services

More information on our services is listed on each service page. Our range of services is provided in the section Explore our services  

How do I get the equipment I need

If you are a patient of a Bromley Healthcare service, the professional responsible for you care will assess your equipment needs and provide this to

I am unwell, where should I go

Making sure you go to the right place for help when you are unwell means that you and your family will get the best treatment.

Where will I be seen

We provide services in a range of locations across the Borough. Each service (listed in the section under Explore our services) details where that service

Who can see my records

Why do we collect information about you and what do we do with it is explained in a special leaflet which can be found on

Why is Bromley Healthcare running my local service

We are an independent community interest company that has been awarded the contract by local healthcare commissioners to deliver community healthcare services to the communities