Equality delivery system

We are a social enterprise and aim to provide the best possible community health services we can for the people we care for. We believe we can do this by providing a high level of clinical expertise and staff engagement to work at continually improving our services and by listening to what people say to us and working closely with all stakeholders to develop our organisation.

We continue to look at how we can develop our services and make them really great, with improved patient satisfaction and positive outcomes.

Equality information

We regularly undertake a baseline assessment and report of how well we are able to map our service information against the nine protected characteristics.

The report sets out the progress being made with respect to ensuring compliance with the national equality agenda.

The areas rated are:

  • Better health outcomes for all
  • Improved patient access and experience
  • Empowered engaged and well- supported staff
  • Inclusive leadership at all levels

The ratings have been discussed and agreed with Healthwatch Bromley to ensure that external scrutiny is incorporated into the report.

Click here to read Equality Delivery System 2014-2015

We recognise that this continues to be a developmental process for our organisation, and whilst we are pleased with the progress we have made, we recognise that we still need to improve in some areas and we will prioritise these over the coming year.