CQC inspections of our sites

What is the Care Quality Commission (CQC)?

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the body which regulates Health and Social Care in England and Wales including both NHS and private healthcare.

Why does Bromley Healthcare have to register with the CQC?

The services Bromley Healthcare provides are what is known as regulated activities.  It is a legal requirement that all providers of regulated activities must register with the CQC.

What are ‘regulated activities’?

Regulated activities are defined by the Health and Social Care Act 2008. There is a total of 15 defined regulated activities covering both health and social care.

Bromley Healthcare provides six of these regulated activities. These are:

– Treatment of disease, disorder or injury

– Surgical Procedures

– Accommodation for persons who require nursing or personal care

– Diagnostic and screening procedures

– Transport services, triage and medical advice provided remotely

– Family planning services

A full list of all regulated activities and their definitions form Schedule 1 to the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2010. The CQC publication Essential Standards of Quality and Safety includes these regulations as Appendix C.

Reports on service inspections carried out by the CQC

We have already had inspections of a number of services.  These are listed below.  Simply click on the date by the service.

All-service inspectioncqc.org.uk/provider/1-216234545

Barnard Health Centre – cqc.org.uk/location/1-4790597629

Beckenham Beaconcqc.org.uk/location/1-233070238

Central Courtcqc.org.uk/location/1-7745377256

Dental – Biggin Hillcqc.org.uk/location/1-233070450

Garland Road Health Centrecqc.org.uk/location/1-4790597659

Lakeside Health Centre cqc.org.uk/location/1-4790597685

Rehabilitation Unit (Foxbury)cqc.org.uk/location/1-6510627111

Princess Royal University Hospitalcqc.org.uk/location/1-233071152