World Patient Safety Day

World Patient Safety Day was established by the World Health Assembly in 2019. The aim of the day is to develop worldwide understanding of patient safety to increase public interest and engagement in healthcare safety, and to promote world wide action to help prevent harm in healthcare. Every year on 17th September there is a different theme to highlight the importance of patient safety and care.

This year the theme is focusing on the harm of women and their newborn babies when they are exposed to unsafe care during childbirth. This year’s World Patient Safety Day is focused on prioritising safety in the maternal and newborn care environment – specifically childbirth (when most harm happens). Women’s experiences during childbirth are also affected and linked to issues of gender equity and violence – the day helps highlight the importance of safe care.

Every day:

  • Nearly 5400 stillbirths occur
  • 810 women lose their lives
  • 6700 newborns lose their lives

Most of these lives can be saved through the provision of safe care.

What you can do if you are pregnant:

  • Attend all appointments during pregnancy and after childbirth for you and your baby
  • Be actively involved in your own care and the care of your baby
  • Communicate openly with your health care team and feel free to ask questions and raise concerns, if any, about you or your baby
  • Secure support from a birth companion of your choice for childbirth, if you wish
  • Prepare mentally and physically for childbirth and the first few days after birth

For support contact: