What has been happening in the world of Work Experience at Bromley Healthcare?

This week is National Work Experience Week. It’s been one year since Bromley Healthcare re-launched its Work Experience offer for local students, following the Covid-19 pandemic.Last year, we received 22 applications from students, 6 of which were referred by a Bromley Healthcare colleague. So far this year, we have received an incredible total of 78 applications – 15 were referred by employees within in our organisation.

We have attended five careers events at local schools since January 2023:

  • Langley Park School for Girls
  • Langley Park School for Boys
  • Ravens Wood School
  • Newstead Wood School
  • London South East Colleges (LSEC) – Bromley Campus

We even made it onto the London South East Colleges Twitter page!

What is Work Experience?

Traditionally, this is a short-term opportunity in which students aged 16-18 years spend up to a week in a workplace with a view to learning about a particular job role, organisation, or career path. However, Work Experience is not just for students – it can be a valuable opportunity for those who are looking to explore a new career path.

Why is Work Experience important?

Work Experience is a fantastic opportunity to introduce young people into the workplace and enables them to develop key skills. There are several reasons why Work Experience is beneficial:

  • Demonstrate the application of newly learned skills
  • Networking opportunities with a range of professionals
  • Boost confidence in handling real-life situations in the workplace
  • A chance to find out more about career paths, and help to decide which right for them
  • Enhance CVs with newly learned skills and attract the attention of potential employers

To read more about the importance of Work Experience opportunities, visit: Why is work experience important? | National Work Experience Week

Sheila Thorne, our Talent Development Manager said:

“Pre-Covid, we offered 65 Work Experience placements in 2019. Whilst we aren’t back to those levels, any opportunity we have to expose young people to job roles in healthcare we may inspire them to choose a future career within Bromley Healthcare.”

Looking for Work Experience, or know somebody that is?

If you or somebody you know is looking for Work Experience with Bromley Healthcare, contact bromh.workexperience@nhs.net today!