Taking care of our most vulnerable young people (NSPCC)

The NSPCC has rated NHS Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group ‘Green’, for the third year in a row, in their annual assessment of whether local plans understand the mental health needs of children and young people who have experienced abuse. Bromley is part of South East London Sustainability and Transformation Partnership and one of only four London CCGs to have received a green rating three years in a row.

The NSPCC assesses local plans across the country, to ensure health organisations are providing the appropriate mental health support for the most vulnerable children and young people in their area. It is vital that this group of young people are proactively supported as there is a higher risk they will develop a range of mental health problems.

Dr Bhumika Mittal, Bromley GP and clinical lead for children and young people in Bromley CCG said, “Our Local Children and Adolescent Mental Health Transformation Plan sets out how we will deliver mental health support and care for children and young people from all walks of life and backgrounds in Bromley. The green rating from the NSPCC is very much welcomed. It provides us with further assurance that we are identifying and tackling the mental health needs of our most vulnerable young people.

“Over the last 18 months, we spoke to over 2,000 young people, including those who are looked after, to gather their views on what help they needed for their emotional and mental wellbeing. Their rich feedback is being used to redesign the way services are provided in Bromley and also contributed to the successful bid to fund mental health support teams in schools”.

Isobel Roberts from the NSPCC said, “It is vital that children who have experienced abuse receive the right support at the right time, and an important first step is for commissioners of services to have a thorough understanding of what the mental health needs are of children and young people locally. We are really pleased to see that Bromley CCG has produced another high-quality plan for the third year running. We hope that this good work continues as the NHS undergoes changes over the next few years”.

The NSPCC report Improving local mental health services for children who have experienced abuse or neglect is available on the NSPCC website here.