Swallowing Awareness Day 2022

It’s Swallowing Awareness Day on Wednesday 16 March, which is also part of the NHS Nutrition and Hydration Week (14 – 20 March).

Dysphagia (problems swallowing food and fluids) impacts a range of people with a variety of conditions including dementia, Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and those who have had strokes. The process of swallowing takes many complex forms, so signs of difficulties may look like:

  • taking a long time to chew
  • difficulty controlling what is in the mouth 
  • choking or coughing on your meal or drink 
  • having recurrent chest infections

Speech and Language Therapists work with patients and their carers and families to assess, provide recommendations and education on how best their dysphagia can be managed.

The Bromley Healthcare Adult Speech and Language Therapy team accept referrals for adult patients who are registered with GPs in Bromley. Referrals are accepted via your GP, other health professionals or through self-referrals by emailing bromh.ASLTreferrals@nhs.net or calling 01689 866 650.