Supporting LGBT+ Communities in South East London

LGBT+ History Month celebrates the achievements of LGBT+ people and seeks to overcome prejudice by raising awareness and education.

Evidence shows that LGBT+ people face disproportionately worse health outcomes in terms of both mental and physical health, and are far less likely to seek healthcare due to experience and fear of discrimination (NHS England » LGBT health).

At Bromley Healthcare, we are committed to building a diverse and inclusive environment where all our colleagues feel belonging and can develop their sense and awareness of inclusivity, and where the healthcare we provide for our communities is accessible, equitable and inclusive.

Gender identity basic awareness training

One of the initiatives launched this year was the LGBTQ+/Gender Identity Basic Awareness Training. This training is run by Dr Jamie Willo and was designed, alongside Health Education England, to help NHS colleagues (and other organisations) to understand the issues and complexities of LGBTQ+ individuals and looks at how professionals can best support the LGBTQ+ community.

Gender identity training is so important in healthcare as it helps us better understand our colleagues and also the people we serve. In a previous interview, Jamie had said:

“Gender identity training takes place in a nurturing space where NHS staff can explore their fears, beliefs, and unconscious bias, build knowledge of language and terminology, and gain an awareness of how they can become more inclusive in their practice – including challenging prejudice and discrimination.”

Read more about how the training can improve the lives of trans people using the NHS services

Jacqui Scott, our CEO said:

‘Jamie is non-judgmental and candid, sharing their real-life experience to help us understand so much more. The key takeaway from Jamie is that we learn through kindness.’

LGBTQ+ Collective – Colleague Network

Regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity, all colleagues at Bromley Healthcare are welcome to join our LGBTQ+ Collective. The LGBTQ+ Collective is a safe space where colleagues can come together to share information, experiences, ideas, and concerns. Meetings focus on social connection and community, visibility, awareness and education.