Sarcoma Awareness Month 2022

Every year thousands of people are diagnosed with sarcomas, a type of cancer that forms in the connective tissues of the body including fat, blood vessels, nerves, etc.

Sarcomas are a rare form of cancer, but no less deadly for their rarity. Research continues on what causes sarcoma and why certain people develop it, and Sarcoma Awareness Month was created to help raise awareness of this disease and all the people it effects.

Sarcomas are uncommon cancers that can affect any part of your body. A key symptom of sarcoma is a lump that gets bigger quickly.
Most people get diagnosed when their sarcoma is about the size of a large tin of baked beans.

There are many different types of sarcoma. All subtypes of sarcoma can be grouped into soft tissue sarcomas and bone sarcomas.

Sarcomas commonly affect the arms, legs and torso. Sarcomas can also appear in the stomach and intestines as well as behind the abdomen and internal reproductive organs.

You may still have some questions. If you do, contact Sarcoma UK’s support line at 0808 801 0401 – Open Monday to Friday, 10 to 3 (except public holidays)

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