Penge COVID-19 vaccination and health event

The Penge vaccine and health event will offer the vaccine and a wide range of other health checks to eligible residents, especially those who may not access healthcare services such as the homeless, refugees or those living in temporary accommodation. A free lunch will be provided, as well as free toiletry goodie packages for those in need. On the day Vaxi Taxis will be used to transport people who have difficulties travelling to and from the event to get their vaccine.

Penge Vaccination and Health Event 25th May 12.00pm-16.00pm

Join our event in Penge High Street, Empire Square SE20 7EX to:

  • Get your first COVID-19 vaccine. If you are over 45, a carer or clinically vulnerable you can get your first vaccine dose. Book on 020 8175 0473 or walk-in on the day. We also welcome homeless, rough sleepers, asylum seekers, or those living in emergency accommodation.
  • Vaxi Taxi service – Get your jab in the cab. We are offering our free Vaxi Taxi service. You can get a lift to the event and the injection inside the Vaxi Taxi if you wish. To book this service, please call 020 8175 0473.
  • Other health services on the day:

-Blood pressure
-Hepatitis C free testing
-GP registration. You do not need proof of address, immigration status or identification.

Free food, drink and goodie bags provided. No NHS number needed.

Open ‘Penge Vaccination and Health Event’ Flyer

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