International Nurses Day 2022

Today on Nurses’ Day, we will be showcasing the incredible work and the difference our nurses make to patients’ lives by sharing stories that demonstrate the #BestOfNursing.

We know our nurses work through challenging circumstances. But despite this, they continue to go above and beyond to deliver highly skilled, safety-critical care to their patients every single day.

Nurses’ Day is a chance to celebrate the work they do, as well as an opportunity to say thank you. Read our #BestOfNursing stories from our teams below:

Carol – Nursing Associate

When visiting a patient for wound care of her lower legs, I noticed that both of her legs were very oedematous and hard, with one leg in particular leaking a lot of fluid. Although the patient doesn’t usually like to have bandages on her legs, I managed to build a good rapport with her and was able to convince her to allow me to bandage both of her legs. She was very talkative and we managed to have a bit of a giggle in the time I was there. I emailed her GP to advise them of my findings. I was happy with the outcome and pleased that I was able to make a connection with the patient.

Grace – District Nurse

One experience that particularly makes me feel proud to be a Nurse is providing end of life care at home. A patient on my case load was visited daily for her syringe driver to be re-primed and ongoing palliative support. I was able to build an excellent rapport with both the patient and her relatives. Over time symptom control became difficult and there was a possibility the patient may be admitted to the hospice. When I visited that week the patient was asleep and comfortable and it was evident she was nearing the end of her life. During the visit transport arrived to transfer patient to the hospice. I had a quite word with her Husband and Daughter and suggested she was now left at home surrounded by her loved ones as this was her final wish. Husband agreed for patient to remain at home. It was a difficult decision as I was concerned her appearance may alter again and symptoms be unmanageable. However, patient did pass away the following evening. She was comfortable, peaceful and free from pain. The bereavement visit was emotional however, it was a time to reflect for all involved. All relatives were extremely grateful for the care the patient received and were glad she was able to pass away as home surrounded by loved ones.

Charlotte – Community Nurse

Community nursing is different every day, and comes with its own challenges. Being able to make a difference to people’s lives is the main reason why I do community nursing. I can provide person-centred care in their own environment. For example, A call was made for an SOS. I attend the patient’s home, for End-of-life Care. The visit was very complex, I took my time in giving support, care, and explanation of the District nursing role for end-of-life care. The relatives were grateful for my time, explanation, the care I provided, and support I gave to the patient, and to the relatives. When praise is given, by relatives it makes you realise how appreciated they are of the care you provide. This made me feel proud that I had given good person-centred care, which made a difference to the patient, and relatives.

Daisy – Community Nurse

The people I have met along the way. This being both patients and colleagues, I have met various people throughout my training that have now become friends for life and whom made the experience more bearable despite its everyday challenges. This was by being able to share experiences with one another, provide each other with constructive criticism and endless support. This enabled us to not only seek comfort in one another but more importantly be able to improve in future practice. Some of the patients I have met have always made a continuous effort to be kind, compassionate and appreciative of the care you have provided despite pre-existing health conditions. Some patients will never truly understand the impact they have on you by maintaining such a positive, courageous mentality despite all that is going on around them. They think they in owe of us but often I think we’re in owe of them.

Daisy – Community Nurse

Every day is different. Every day is different because each patient is different and therefore has different needs and requirements. I have recently since changing job role from an acute hospital setting to the community been able to establish this even more so than I already had. it makes the job both challenging and exciting as you never know what to expect but with the skills and knowledge you obtain are able to think quick and make reasonable adjustments for each patient treating them as people with individual needs and not just our patients. Making there care more individualized.

Community Matron

A member of BHC staff informed one of the Matrons after hearing them speaking to a Covid positive patient during their CMS role, that she would hope if she was ever ill that she gets to speak to that Matron as she was so kind and caring!

Community Matron

One of the teams mother in laws attended a falls clinic appointment and was seen by Angela (nurse). She was so impressed with how thorough Angela was and she explained everything clearly and put her at ease.

District Nurse

A patients wife contacted the DN service in distress as she had been trying to get help for her husband but kept on being given different phone numbers and was at the end of her tether. I said to her that we would sort out the problem and I would see her that afternoon. She sounded so relieved. When I got there, she turned me round and started patting my back, I asked what she was doing and she replied she was looking for my angel wings! She told me, me saying we would get the problem sorted made her feel so relieved.

Frank H

I have a short testimony of the tremendous kindness and support that I have received especially from Gill, and our Tissue Viability Team over these last few months since I received my diagnosis of Lymphoma and all of its possible implications. The support has been so very helpful both for me and as a result all of my family. You already know that she always goes the extra mile with all that she does for all of her patients, but perhaps are not so aware of what she does for her colleagues.

Thank you to all our amazing nurses!