International Day of Charity

History of International Day of Charity

In 2012 International Day of Charity was officially declared for 5th September to commemorate the passing of Mother Teresa who was known for her charitable work, and helping others.

Different ways to give to charity:

Donate your time – Many charities survive through the efforts of volunteers. Volunteering is a great way to contribute to your community and can be just as valuable as a money donation.

Donate your skills – If you have a skill — such as writing or cooking— consider offering your specialities. Many charities have specialised needs but can’t afford dedicated staff.

Give blood – Donating blood to organisations like NHS Blood Donation and Transplant, doesn’t take much time and could help save someone’s life.

Donate your stuff – Many charities accept donated goods, including clothes, shoes and furniture. If you have some stuff to get rid of give it to charity rather than throwing it away!

Raise funds – You can raise funds for charity in many ways—by organising a collection, sharing your favourite causes on social media, or participating in a sponsored activity.

Ask for gift donations – If a birthday or holiday is coming up ask friends and family to donate to a favourite charity instead of buying gifts.