Hollybank Children’s Short Break Service commended in Ofsted Report

Following an Ofsted review in November 2023, Bromley Healthcare’s Hollybank Children’s Short Break Service has been commended. The Ofsted report recognised the effective services provided by Hollybank, including overall experiences and progress of children and young people, how well they are helped and protected, and the effectiveness of leaders and managers.

The service, which caters to children with a variety of needs, including complex health needs, autism, physical, learning disabilities, and challenging behaviour, continues to maintain its ‘good’ rating.

The report highlights Hollybank’s strengths, including empathic, fun, child-led interactions, a home-from-home environment, and activities that promote safe sensory stimulation and enjoyment. The team’s adaptability and responsiveness to children’s complex health needs and the support and advocacy provided for their families were also commended.

Victoria Soper, Director of Children and Young People’s Services at Bromley Healthcare, said:

“Our staff at Hollybank are truly kind and compassionate, going above and beyond to create a nurturing, safe environment for the children. Bromley Healthcare are committed to delivering high-quality care and supporting the welfare of children in Bromley. We recognise that the service plays a crucial role as a respite care centre, offering essential support to children with complex needs and their families. Our team are there to provide specialised care tailored to each child’s unique requirements and offer a vital break for families and caregivers.”

Emma Fullagar, Deputy Manager at Hollybank, said:

“Our team’s commitment to providing excellent care for young people and support for their parents has always been our top priority. This recognition from Ofsted is a testament to our team’s hard work and devotion to the children’s wellbeing.”