First to publish NHS clinical data on London Datastore

Today we became the first organisation delivering NHS services to make public data providing detailed information on areas of clinical activity on the London Datastore.

The London Datastore, a website created by the Greater London Authority makes hundreds of datasets about the capital freely available. The aim is to catalyse innovation by developers and social entrepreneurs who can use the data to create intelligent new products and more efficient services.

The data we have published today shows anonymised appointment information from April 2014 to March 2015 for our major services. The data includes patient ages, gender, outcomes, number of appointments within the time period, reasons for discharge, number of patients seen by each healthcare professional and the location of those appointments.

Additional sets of data will be loaded to the London Datastore over the next year in line with our commitment to the value of transparency and the benefits that will accrue if detailed NHS information is routinely published for public scrutiny. This first release of data is the start of an attempt to use big data to help shape the future of community healthcare.

“We are releasing this first tranche of data for two reasons,” said Jonathan Lewis, our Chief Executive. “Firstly, in February 2013 the Francis Report called for more transparency in the NHS. The NHS exists for patients and is paid for by taxpayers – both have a right to understand exactly what they are getting for their money. Publishing our clinical data makes us truly answerable to those with the biggest stake in our organisation.

“Second, we have put in place a clinical system that collects huge amounts of very detailed data about our clinical activity and our outcomes. We are looking for a long-term big data partner to help us understand this data so that we can improve how we operate, and develop a set of tools that can transform Community Healthcare. Disruptive approaches to market often involve bringing in entirely new skill sets and if there is one market in the UK that needs disruptive innovation beyond any other it is the provision of NHS clinical services.”

We are inviting third parties to scrutinise the data Bromley Healthcare makes available through the London Datastore with the hope they will be able to offer insights that will help improve the quality and efficiency of the care the organisation offers.

“By casting our city data net wider, and making available vast reams of information from organisations like Bromley Healthcare, we are helping to drive forward policy in vital areas like public health,” said Andrew Collinge, Assistant Director and City Data Lead at the Greater London Authority. “This significant data release gives us the chance to improve the way health services are delivered and with it, health outcomes for  thousands of people.”

Read Jonathan Lewis’s blog post and view our data on the London Datastore website.

1 July 2015