Dietitians Week 2022

Dietitians Week (20 – 24 June 2022) – Celebrating the impact and value of Dietitians

What is a Dietitian?

Dietitians are experts in nutrition. They apply science and evidence to your personal circumstances to prevent or treat disease and improve health and wellbeing. They will consider a range of factors about you to work towards helping you make the right food choices

What does a Dietitian do?

  • Dietitians work in the NHS, in hospitals, in GP surgeries and visiting patients at home
  • Dietitians work with top athletes, helping them perform better by adapting their diet to achieve their goals
  • Dietitians work in public health, improving diet and nutrition for everyone
  • Dietitians work in research discovering new things about food and diet and teaching the next generation
  • Dietitians work with industry, influencing the food and drink we buy from the shops and restaurants
  • Dietitians work in the media, sorting facts from fiction and improving everyone’s understanding of nutrition science.

What can a Dietitian help you with?

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