Cycle to Work Day

Cycle to Work Day is the UK’s biggest cycling commuting event. This year on 4 August, workers all around the country will be getting on their bikes and getting to work the best way possible – on two wheels!

It’s an event for everyone, from people who haven’t hopped on a bike since their school days to committed cycle commuters.

What’s matters is jumping on a bike, giving it a go and joining a community of cyclists sharing all that’s good about cycling to work.

The celebration of the joys of cycling to work has been a massive success over the last decade. Thousands of commuters have made the switch to cycling to work. They’ve got fitter, reduced their stress levels, saved loads of money on commuting costs – which has never been more important – and done their bit for the environment. So, this year, whether you’re already a committed cycle commuter or are just starting out on your journey, let’s get on our bikes and get to work the best way we can.

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