Cyber-attack on the NHS

Bromley Healthcare can confirm there has been no impact to any Bromley Healthcare systems as a result of the attack but we are remaining vigilant and following our usual security procedures.

We also reiterate the information Bromley CCG has provided in relation to the recent cyber-attack and the impact on the NHS:

  • The NHS has continued to treat patients throughout the weekend.
  • There have been 47 organisations providing urgent and emergency care who have been infected to varying degrees.
  • Most have found ways of working around this but seven, including St Bart’s in London, have asked for extra support.
  • If you have a hospital appointment you should still attend unless you are contacted and told not to.
  • Advice and assistance has been offered to GP surgeries, who will open as usual today (Monday 15 May). Again, if you have an appointment you should still attend unless contacted and told not to.
  • People should continue to use the NHS wisely and remember that they can seek help and advice from a range of other sources, such a pharmacies.
  • Bearing in mind the impact of the global cyber-attack we would urge people to be patient with staff.

Please visit NHS Digital for more information.