Clinical Audit Awareness Week 2022

Clinical Audit Awareness Week (13-17 June 2022) is an annual campaign hosted by the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP), to celebrate the benefits and impact of clinical audit and quality improvement work in health and care organisations.

Clinical audit is a way to find out if health services are meeting local and national standards and targets. It lets care providers and patients know where their service is doing well, and where there could be improvements.

Jane Ingham, Chief Executive of Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP), said:

“Clinical audit, provides intelligence on which to evidence the success of health and care services, and track the differences that improvement activities make. The work of clinical audit teams is essential, both as drivers of improvement in their own organisations and in terms of their contribution to the national audit data collection that allows appropriate scrutiny of our health and social care system. Audit ensures that those who deliver services can see when they’re doing well and where the focus of improvement activity should be; and they give patients and the public reassurance when making choices about their health care. There’s no doubt that clinical audit teams are among the unsung heroes of the health sector.”

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