Bromley Healthcare hosts breastfeeding awareness event 23 June 2016

Bromley Healthcare hosted a successful event for new mums and health professionals on Thursday 23 June. There were information stands and staff on hand from Bromley Healthcare Charity’s Baby Café as well as the King’s College Hospital Midwifery team to advise on all aspects of breastfeeding and healthy infant feeding.

The event was opened by Raoul Pinnell, Bromley Healthcare’s Chairman, who welcomed everyone by saying; “the event was a great opportunity to get the advice, help and support for breastfeeding and caring for your baby.”

The event allowed mums to share what works well and inspire other families to talk about breastfeeding in an open and welcoming environment.

Healthcare professionals were on hand with useful tips and guides, including the GP Infant Feeding Network (UK), which has been working with Bromley GPs to prioritise the physical and mental health of mothers and promote healthy infant feeding practices.

Dawn Newman-Cooper, Deputy Head of Clinical Programmes (Bromley CCG) was available to answer questions around how breastfeeding programmes are commissioned and supported in Bromley.