Celebrating Black Breastfeeding Week

This week marks Black Breastfeeding Week, an important occasion promoting awareness, empowerment, and support for black breastfeeding parents. It’s a time to support and celebrate black mothers who breastfeed, and to highlight some of the challenges they may face.

Black parents often encounter societal pressures, stereotypes, and systemic challenges that can affect their breastfeeding journey. Historical traumas, medical biases, and a lack of representation in breastfeeding campaigns are just some of the hurdles. Our aim is not just to recognise these challenges but to use our position as an organisation caring for people in the community to address and overcome them.

Our Commitment to Support

Our 0 to 19 teams in Bromley and Bexley, along with the 0 to 4 team in Greenwich, hold specialised infant feeding clinics in different locations across the three boroughs. We’re determined to make these services accessible to everyone, especially parents who face barriers and challenges including Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic parents.

At these clinics, we don’t just discuss feeding; we look at the whole experience. This includes social challenges, family pressures, and going back to work.

As an organisation, we’re working to build colleagues’ understanding of health inequalities and their impact, addressing the barriers people face and how we can help to break down those barriers. This is helping us to embrace, recognise and celebrate diversity within our local communities, and in our organisation.

Get Involved #BBFW23

1. Spread the Word: Let the new parents in your communities know about our clinics. Detailed information on our clinics in Bexley, Bromley, and Greenwich can be found on the following websites:

2. Stay Connected: Amplify the message by sharing our events, posts, or even by sponsoring the week. Connect with us:

Bexley 0 to 19

Bromley 0 to 19

Greenwich 0 to 4

3. Learn about the importance of Black Breastfeeding Week on the official website and discover how you can show your support. For further insight into why black breastfeeding support is needed, explore the articles on the Breastfeeding Network website and the NCT website.

Let’s come together to promote a more inclusive and supportive feeding culture.