Annual Health Checks for People with a Learning Disability

People with a learning disability aged 14 and over can get a regular health check. This is done by their GP. The health check happens once a year and will help people with learning disabilities stay healthy and well.

In Bromley, we want to make sure that young people with learning disabilities and their families know about the heath check and have a health check every year to help them stay healthy and get the health support they need.

There is a new questionnaire available to help young people and families talk about whether they are able to register for the health check with their GP. The answers to the questions will need to be shared with the GP. The GP will then decide if the person can be added to the learning disability register and offered a health check.

This questionnaire will be useful to education settings, social workers, health professionals and anyone who may be supporting a young person and/or family and need to share information about the annual health check.

Download the questionnaire here.

Further information about the learning disability health check can be found at:

Don’t Miss Out – Annual Health Checks Mencap

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