These short videos have been created to help you with your exercises. You can watch them as many times as you like to help improve your technique. Your therapist will have selected exercises for you so please only do the exercises suggested for you.

Please ensure that before doing any of the exercises that you have watched the introduction and safety videos.

Please view all videos in full screen (press F on your keyboard once the video starts playing). When the video stops press the ESC key on your keyboard to return to the list of videos.



Exercise Intro Using Your Support Safely


Posture and Circulation

 Seated Posture Check Standing Posture Check Standing Marching


Joint Mobility

Shoulder Circles Seated Trunk Twists Seated Supported Trunk Twists Seated Arms Crossed
Side Bends Seated Ankle Mobility Seated Shoulder Circles
Trunk Twists Supported Trunk Twists Standing Arms Crossed Side Bends
Ankle Mobility


Static Balance

Tandem Stand One Leg Stand


Dynamic Balance

Sideways Walking One Legged Flamingo Swing Upward Reach
Compensatory Stepping

Stepping Over an Object

Walking and Turning



Toe raise Heel raises Knee bends

Sit to stand

Wrist strength

Upper Back Strength Seated

Chest Press Seated

Front Arm Strength Seated

Back Arm Strength Seated

Front Knee Strength Seated

Leg Press Seated Band

Ankle Strength Seated

Hip/Outer Thigh Strength Seated

Hip/Outer Thigh Strength Standing


Getting down onto and up from the floor

Backward Chaining



Chest Stretch Back of Thigh Stretch Calf Stretch