Financial Accounts

As a Community Interest Company, Bromley Healthcare must file annual accounts and returns at Companies House.

Here we present Bromley Healthcare’s Financial Account for the financial year 2018-19:

Bromley Healthcare Accounts 2018-19

Excerpt from the directors’ Strategic Report for the year ended 31 March 2019:

“Bromley Healthcare is an employee-owned social enterprise that commenced trading on the 1st April 2011. All profits of the company are reinvested into our services for the benefit of the community.  Since inception Bromley Healthcare has donated £334k to the Bromley Healthcare Charity which provides supportive environments to enable people to learn new skills, build their confidence and feel more positive.

The company’s primary activities during the year continued to be the provision of community services in Bromley and beyond with contracts in Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lewisham and Croydon. The directors do not anticipate that there will be any change to the principal activities of the business.

Bromley Healthcare continues to operate in a challenging health and social care system where funding available to deliver services has reduced. In the first full delivery year of the new outcomes based contracts, 20% of the contract payment is predicated on the delivery of a defined set of service standards (such as reduced waiting times) and improved outcomes for patients. The financial exposure, in relation to these contracts, was further exacerbated by non eligibility of the Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) payment for the Initial 8 months in accordance with the NHS contractual framework. The Key Performance Indicator target has been exceeded for both Adult and Children’s contracts.

Despite the financial challenges, a small pre-tax profit of £57k was achieved resulting in reserves not being accessed as was originally planned.  The out turn position is a significant improvement on the original business plan due to a number of productivity initiatives being delivered ahead of trajectory.

Our patient-centric Care Coordination Centre played a significant supporting role in ensuring continuity and consistency of patient care as well as reducing patient waiting lists. The centre is the first point of contact for our 35 services; looking after 12,000 patients and answering 26,000 calls a month. Over the next year, the continued evolution of the centre will focus on best practice pathways and quality assurance facilitated by the use of our ‘near live’ safety dashboards to proactively promote safety and prevent incidents.

The high patient satisfaction levels (99%.of patients responding to the National Friends and Family Test advised that they are either likely or extremely likely to recommend our services) achieved are due entirely to the outstanding commitment from our team. Our quality objective building a ‘culture for growth’ places a continued focus on ‘growing, developing and improving the experience of our team. The entire staff journey has been mapped with a number of specific initiatives put in place to support every step of the journey. A focus on attraction and recruitment has reduced the vacancy rate from 12.5% to 7% with more permanent and internal bank staff in teams; reducing our agency expenditure.

Bromley Healthcare has been awarded the Two Ticks symbol which demonstrates that we are committed to offering applicants with a disability a guaranteed interview where the person meets the specification for the post. Once appointed, service with Bromley Healthcare is continuous and all employees have access to training and career development via the appraisal and personal development plan process. Bromley Healthcare works jointly with the unions through the Partnership Forum.   ·

Employees are actively encouraged to put forward their ideas for service improvement and to raise any concerns. All members of the Board, Executive and the senior management team undertake visible leadership spending time in front line services. There are multiple routes to feed back (anonymous intranet message board, service line reviews, wider leadership team meetings and the staff survey). A Staff Forum has been established to enable direct communication between the Chief Executive and team representatives. Organisational updates are provided through the bi-monthly newsletter (Together) and the Chief Executive’s weekly update which are distributed, to all employees. Awards for the ‘star of the month’ and ‘team of the quarter’ recognise colleagues for excellence in their work.