How to stay safe during the summer

10 June 2015

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We all need to think about how we stay healthy during the summer.


Sun Awareness Week back in May reminded us to get out our sunglasses and sun screen and be ready for a summer of safe fun in the sun.


Organised by the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD), the week raised awareness of skin cancer and exposure to the sun.


It is important to regularly self-examine yourself to check for skin cancer and check for new moles and melanomas.


Staying healthy in the sun

Staying healthy covers a whole range of things that we need to think about.We need to stay safe in the sun, make sure we drink plenty fluids and ensure that those we care about remain safe and well.

Listed below are a number of links that will take you other websites that will give you advice on how to keep you and your family healthy during the summer months. 


Summer health

Click here to find out a whole range of ways to enjoy your summer but stay safe and healthy.

You can get advice on skin protection during hot weather from the Cancer Research UK Sun Smart campaign



The Heatwave Plan for England gives you the latest advice on how to look after yourself and others during the hot weather. 


Click here to read more....


Click here to learn from NHS Choices, how to be prepared in a heatwave.


You should be aware that heatwaves an exacerbate some conditions such as:

Cardiovascular conditions, Parkinson's disease, malnutrition, Alzheimer's or related diseases, obesity, diabetes 



Keeping your baby safe and well in the sun

Click here to learn more about to keep your baby cool and protect them from the sun. 


Summer safety for young children

Learn how to keep young children safe and well in the hot weather and still allow them to have fun.  Click here to find out more ... 


Weather and hayfever

Click here to learn about ways you can limit your exposure to pollen.


Heat exhaustion and heatstroke 

Heat exhaustion and heatstroke are two heat-related health conditions. If they're not quickly treated, they can both be very serious. Click here to find out more.


Staying active in the hot weather

Click here to learn some quick tips about exercising safely in the hot weather.


Plan ahead to be safe outdoors during the summer. Click here to find out more....