Access to your health care records  

Whenever you visit a Bromley Healthcare service to receive some kind of clinical treatment, the nurse, doctor or therapist (clinician) you are seeing will make a record of your appointment.

These records are important because they help the clinician to remember what advice they previously gave to you and any information you might have shared with them.  It also helps if you are sent to see another service for further advice or treatments.

You can request to see this information whenever you like. However, to protect your confidentiality there are a few steps to go through so that we know we are providing information to the right person and we don't compromise your right to privacy.   

We only hold information relating to the services you receive from us. 
If you would like to see records about treatments you have received from your family doctor (GP) or a hospital, you should contact them direct.  

If you would like to see your health care records, please contact us.  There is a small access fee for this service. Alternatively you can fill in an application form and send it in with the required fee - all details are given in the pack.  Click here for the pack.

Why do we collect information about you and what do we do with it?

Why we collect information and how your information helps us is explained in our leaflet What happens to the information you collect about me?  Click here to download the leaflet to understand what this means for you.Click here for an easy read version.

Other useful information

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    How do I access my medical records?  

    NHS Choices offers useful advice about how to access your records from any health care organisation.